Getting high can be a little bit scary.

We all know the stories. We’ve seen a friend, a family member, a complete stranger — or ourselves — get way too high. This is especially true with edibles, where consumers are likely to eat more than 1 serving, or even mistake them for unmedicated sweets and eat the whole package.

So it’s no wonder some consumers are wary of trying cannabis edibles. Well, The High Confectionary believes that with the right (lower) dosage, consumers won’t have anything to fear.

So, what do you say? How about we just get a little high?

The unpredictability is scary.

So we built our edibles specifically for control freaks, lack-of-control freaks, worry-warts, and the average consumer who wants to take the edge off.

No more slicing, dicing and dosage guessing.

Eat them at your own pace to get the high you want. Share them with your friends… or keep the whole bag to yourself, because they really are dope.